Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Trick Is To Keep Breathing

The Trick Is To Keep Breathing 

It again has been too long without an update. Life just goes by so fast and there is always to much to be done and never enough time to do them all. While there isn't a whole lot new to report there are a few updates worth mentioning. Beginning with our appointment with our DDD case manager. 

At the beginning of this month we went forward with our application for our states Basic Health Waiver through DDD. We had a 3 hour appointment/assessment with our case manager. We of course knew this process would be a long shot but it is my belief that it would be a waste if we didn't try and apply for everything out there. Today I received a letter in the mail informing us that we were being denied the waiver. Our sons name will still go into the state database and maybe someday when funds are available we will have another shot. We can still appeal this decision but acknowledging the lack of state funding we know that too may be in vain. 

A update on our insurance proves to still be tiring. They have continued to successfully avoid sending out actual documentation of a denial meaning we have no evidence to sue or appeal with. Our case manager through Aetna seems to have disappeared as well, I cannot seem to catch her. Well such is life, I'd like to step away from the negative for now and look at the positives. 

While our time with "Birth To Three" is growing short we continue to observe much progress with our son. While he still cannot seem to manage two words at a time his one word vocabulary is exploding. Our son has such a desire to absorb everything. He has such a craving for education. I have no doubt this will prove to be a major strength for him. He continues to be obsessed with numbers and letters to the point where he now sees a word and spells it out letter for letter. It may prove fruitful to start trying to teach him to read. I truly believe the capacity is there. He is also very interested in his communication board and the PECS method. I continue to try and learn as much sign language as I can since even though he is unable to use signs due to his lack of fine motor skills he does learn them and I am able to use them as extra assistance when talking to him. 

 I am still having a heard time getting past the loneliness I have felt over the past couple of years. I thought by now I would be making "mommy friends" and setting up playdates for my son. This still may become easier once we are in developmental preschool and I am able to be surrounded by those in similar situations. It's not that I would be against friendship or playdates with typical children and families it's just that the opportunities don't present themselves. That with the major involvement with therapy sessions and the fact that I still have to try and make as much money working two days a week as I can to keep us afloat. It all doesn't leave me much time either. Well enough of the pity party I do have a wonderful son who continues to fill my life with so much joy. I've never learned or loved so much in my life and for that I am truly thankful. 

In closing I would like to again as always thank you for reading this, for supporting us, for supporting Colton. We will never stop fighting. Not only for our son but for autism awareness, for all of our children who deserve everything the world and life has to offer.