Saturday, March 1, 2014

Another Opportunity To Share My Story

Spreading Our Story Around 


 Last month I received an e-mail from a woman who works at WAAA asking me if I would like the opportunity to share Colton's story with them and have it go on their website. I happily agreed. I will enclose the link to it here: I was so thrilled to have this chance to share our sons story and possibly bring others the awareness to what is going on with insurance problems in our state and possibly reach those out there who are struggling and need WAAA's help. Now onto a few updates in our life. 


 Colton has just been talking and talking. We are finally hearing two words at a time. Granted it's almost always because he's repeating what we have said or something he has heard on TV but I am so proud. It is such a joy to hear his little voice! I'm so proud at the progress he is making and how hard he continues to work on his speech. 

 We have set up his official testing date with the public schools for May 2nd. I'm nervous to see how it goes but I'm hoping that as with everything else so far we find new opportunities and chances for growth. His cognitive skills are so amazing and I hope they get the chance to see how brilliant he truly is. 

 While we are still on the subject of schools we have heard that we may have a possibility of getting him into a local private preschool. While of course this may be stretching it for us financially,I can only pray that we get this chance. I feel that Colton should be challenged academically not only taught life skills. He already can count to ten and recognizes all letters and is even attempting to spell. I feel I would be failing him as a mother if I didn't try to find the best fit for school for him. 

In Closing 

 I'm keeping this one short but hope to be back here soon with more updates and positivity. I am so blessed to be Coltons mother. Everyday with him is a blessing. This doesn't mean it's easy, he can certainly be trying at times but we are weathering the storms and enjoying the rainbows that come after. I truly believe that because of Coltons autism I have grown so much as a person and gained so much insight and knowledge even just in these last few short years and I know it will only get better. The future can certainly take it's time but I am looking forward to it.As always thank you for reading and your continued support.