Monday, December 1, 2014

Another One That's A Bit Overdue

Another One That's A Bit Overdue

 I know,I know, I have been slacking yet again. Life just gets so busy you know?! Colton started school in early September. I'm sure I had more stress and anxiety about it than he did. It has actually really been a great benefit to him. I've seen massive growth in his vocabulary and attitude towards other children particularly ones his age. In mid October he started extended days which has been tough because it wears him out and I feel as if I have even less time with him. I did quit my job at the end of October so I have actually had weekends with him which has been really great. He's starting to become really interested in letters and numbers and is just so very bright. It has been so exciting to watch him learn and light up when he gets things right. Our biggest issue lately has been potty training. 

Potty Training 

This has proven to be probably one of our biggest challenges yet. Colton is very interested in the concept of using the potty. He knows the routine and is open to books and movies about it. However when it comes to actually just sitting on the potty he flat our refuses and if the issue is pushed he has a meltdown. I can't figure out why he is so against it. He doesn't seem to be afraid of the potty and the idea of underwear is very appealing to him but he knows he must successfully use the potty to get those. If only they made Star Wars or Angry Birds themed potty books. I could see those helping. Perhaps it's time for me to get crafty! Now on to some positive things. 


For as long as Colton has lived he has been freaked out by holidays. This is the first year he has been excited for them and we have truly been enjoying it. He loves Halloween and everything that comes with it. We were able to take him to a carnival! He still wouldn't wear a costume but he was okay with seeing others in them. He is obsessed with Santa and he was actually able to sit on his lap and tell him what he wanted for Christmas (Chewbacca toy!). I can't wait for Christmas celebrations with him this year. 

Making A Friend 

 Colton has managed to make a friend of sorts. There's a little boy at his school who is similar in a lot of ways to him and they actually "play" together. By play I mean games like chase and hide and seek but this is a huge step forward for him. He likes to share with him (another big step). I am so happy to see this and very proud of him. 

In Closing 

Colton is making a lot of progress. So much so that I have people telling me all the time "Oh he can't be autistic" or "See, he's normal". Well that is the goal of loads of therapy isn't it?! I want the world to not see my son as a label but I do want them to realize that he is different but that it's ok. They don't always see what I deal with, the meltdowns,the extreme rigidity, the major prompting and planning that we do everyday to get through what we need to do. For example I always tell Colton the "rules" before we do anything. Such as we are going to a place to eat and here's the rules: we sit in our seat,we use quiet voices and we listen to Mama and Daddy. He repeats these several times to himself before and during and while it doesn't always work he needs that repetition to make it through. People never know what you go through with your life period. Don't make judgments about what others tell you. We are only trying to be open and fair to our son. We didn't ask for the autism but we accept it and we work with it and in some ways we enjoy it. I wouldn't have Colton be anything but himself. 

 Maybe next year he will smile for his Santa picture but hey at least we got one!