Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Way Overdue

It's really been far too long without an update. I could ramble off excuses:I had surgery,started working more often,vacation etc etc. However I just really haven't pushed myself to sit down and type. Anyways on with the updates. 

In June the day before Coltons 3rd birthday he had his last sessions with Birth To Three. It was a sad but happy moment. Colton has come so far in the last year. It's hard to believe that a year ago I had a child who did not talk and had extreme sensory issues. He still definitely has a lot to get through but Birth To Three was a godsend. I will forever be grateful for getting him into Early Intervention Services. I know those who go without these services can have a much harder time making up for them. Let me backtack a bit.  

In May Colton was tested to see if he would be going to developmental preschool. He was accepted into the program and will be starting school September 10th. I have a lot of anxiety about this. How can I be able to put my 3 year old on a school bus by himself and send him off to school? How will he deal with another person changing his diapers? How will he feel when he realizes he is alone? I'm sure I am overly worried about this but it's tough. Most parents get to have their kids at home until 5. I feel like I am having to go through this way too early. As with everything I know our family will persevere. It's just going to be a really hard adjustment. I worry that Colton will struggle with some reverting type behaviors.I worry that they won't understand him when he tries to talk,I worry he may not talk at school at all. All I can do is hope. I've been riding on hope this entire journey and I don't suppose that will change,ever. Now to talk about something great! 

In July we took a family road trip to California. This was huge,we never could have done this before. Yes, it wasn't perfect but it was better than I ever could have hoped. Colton made it through amusement parks full of people,noisy environments. He slept in a bed that wasn't his. He had his entire routine thrown off and made it through it like a champion. My son is truly my hero. 

I truly hope that I can get back on this. I feel awful for not "blogging" more considering this has been almost like a form of therapy for me. I also think it's important to tell Coltons story, and to share updates with friends and family. As always thank you so much for reading and for your support!