Friday, October 25, 2013

Book Review: "Making Peace With Autism" By Susan Senator

"Making Peace With Autism" By Susan Senator 

As promised I am giving my review on this amazing book. It's safe to say that I believe every home with an autistic child should own one of these. Many of you out there like me have probably browsed or read many books related to autism but this one really stands out for me personally. I highly recommend it to those who have just began their journey but it's also a great read for anyone with a child on the spectrum and even friends,family members, and those who work with children on it. It's more like a memoir than a book filled with lots of information but I found many helpful tips and comforting relatable stories in it. Susan tells her stories in a frank,loving and sometimes funny way. Her journey is inspiring. Her use of "social story" type tools for her child are helpful and informative. Her tips and stories of making her marriage work are wonderful. Her stories of troubles with the school district are eye-opening. Honestly there isn't one bad thing I can say about this book. I can only encourage you to pick it up and start reading. She also has one called "The Autism Mom's Survival Guide" which I have just started,I will review that one as well when I am done. Again thanks for reading and for you support.