Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Looking At The Positive

The Joys Of Autism 

Last night I focused on the difficulties many people face at raising a child on the spectrum. Tonight I would like to focus on the wonderful and amazing things that autism can bring. That my son brings to my life. 

He Is Rarely Boring 

Colton always seems to have something great and deep going on inside of his head. I love watching the "wheels spin", the way his eyes light up when he seems deep in thought. Colton is always doing something. Whether it's running around,yelling loudly,jumping,hand-flapping,dancing,even just shaking his foot repetitively. This boy is a mover and a shaker. He's fascinating to watch and it brings so much joy to me when I see him learning,creating,moving. 

The Boy Has Rhythm 

 No lie,Colton can move. He has amazing rhythm for a two year old,even for just a boy in general. I've watched him jump,clap and dance right on beat many many times. Along with his gift of rhythm he also seems to have quite an ear for music. I've discovered that he has the ability to hear "inside" of a song. There are beats and sound effects a somewhat semi neurotypical person as myself would easily miss but not my son. 

  An Amazing Memory 

Colton has an incredible memory. Take for instance when we take him to the doctor. As soon as we get within a foot or two of the parking lot he loses it. Of course that one can be tough but I also enjoy switching things around in the house,tiny miniscule things and watching him immediately get up in the morning and put everything back in order. You teach something to Colton one time like which letter is the letter A or which number is the number 2 and I guarantee you he will never forget. Colton may be basically non-verbal but at 2 years old he knew all of his colors,numbers 1 through 20 and every letter of the alphabet. It's pretty incredible. Of course I have no idea if he is a "genius" or not but to me that seems awfully good for a 2 year old on the spectrum or not. 

Intense Ability To Focus Deeply 

Colton looks over things such as toys,books,games,puzzles etc. with such intensity it's amazing. I can't focus on anything like that. He even looks over all of the boxes of food or drink packages we hand him as if he is checking the ingredients or nutritional values. I swear if Colton just had bigger hands and better fine motor skills I could hand him a lego set instruction booklet and he could create the model all by himself. Yeah I am being serious. When I watch him play a game on the ipad he gets higher scores than I am even able to! 

"Pattern Savant" 

You should see the unique ways Colton creates a design or pattern. In fact I do have just one example I have photographs of I will share them here in this post. Colton creates these "lines" and models of intrigue.If he lines up trains they always have a certain order,grouping and color co-ordination.It's pretty unique and he always has to have things "just so". I won't be surprised if he becomes a mechanic or engineer of some sort. Here's an example:the first picture is how I have these items set on my dresser everyday and the next are of what Colton does with them.It may not seem like much to you but he does this every day. Sure it may be a "ritual" of his but I know that it is a "pattern"(perhaps more of a "design model") he has dreamed up in his head. 
How I Have This Set Everyday

Coltons "Work"

Yes that is an adorable picture of him in the frame right? :)

Kind Of "In Closing" 

I could go on and on about the many beautiful and amazing things Colton does and how wonderful he is but that would be giving it all away at once right?! Plus he's only 2,imagine how much more I will learn from him,about him. I'm so excited for that,he has to be hands down the greatest teacher I have ever had. Some of you who may personally know me know that I'm not the most patient person in the world and that I can be almost neurotic about certain things but with Colton I find more and more calm in my life. It's not because I have to (although you kind of do) but because I can't help it. My only wish is for the world to see him and all the joy and intelligence he brings. Everyone believes their child is destined for amazing and big things. I know my son is. All he needs is the chance just as every child does. Thanks for reading and for all of your support!